3 Dec 2012

Swiss-Life CEO: 'We paid too much for AWD'

With better advice Swiss-Life could have saved itself a lot of money and even more bad publicity. The chances that main-stream investment banking 'advisers' talk a willing client out of any deal he wants to do is very small. Too high is the pressure to generate fees that justify a high cost base for the employing firm, too strong the desire to buy an even bigger pad in London's Westend or in the Hamptons. A cursory examination by an experienced observer would have had loud warning bells ringing at the prospect of marrying a solid but staid organisation with a gogo marketing firm lead by a high-profile entrepreneur. On paper the numbers may have made sense - especially before the eruption of the global financial crisis - but the all-important human aspect was overlooked by the blue-eyed analysts in Swiss-Life's planning and strategy team. That the CEO still thinks that acquiring AWD was the right decision is odd - to say the least.

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