21 Nov 2022

FTX collapse - First Impressions count

It is amazing how many - often sophisticated and highly intelligent - market professionals disregarded the warning signs. When meeting new people the old saying 'First impressions count' is more often than not correct. In the case of the Wunderkind Bankman-Fried my alarm bells went off the first moment I saw his photo in the media. Naturally one should not judge by outside appearance only, but at least one should take this always into consideration.
FTX collapse

20 Nov 2022

The incentive for Americans to work is being undercut

Some 85 per cent of 20,000 managers surveyed by Microsoft worldwide said the shift to hybrid work made it challenging to have confidence that employees are productive. Which may be one reason workers find it attractive.

(Irwin Stelzer, TheSundayTimes, 20 November 2022)