27 Nov 2019

Let Politicians sort out Climate Change

And Fund Managers should get on with doing their job, which is find good investments for their clients. Has ANYONE ever heard of this 'ThinkTank'? (and should many of them not just simply be called non-representative/unelected lobbies?). So who should care about the latests moan (sorry, 'Report') by 'InfluenceMap'? Why should companies and shareholders, and the investment managers accept lock, stock and barrel what is bandied about regarding 'Climate Change'. Let politics set rules in a democratic fashion, that is its role and business and investors can work in the framwork that is given. Everything else is just Virtue-signalling - esp as long as the 100 pound gorilla in the Climate 'Emergency' discussion, rampant growth in world's  Population, is swept under the carpet.
Biggest Asset Managers not holding Companies to account on Climate Change