18 Apr 2016

Europe is over-banked says UBS Chairman Weber

I could not agree more. With the arrival of Peer-to-Peer Lending, Robo-Advisers, Internet Banking and more stringent (suffocating?) Regulation the writing is on the wall. Could one suspect that the time of excessively generous compensation will also soon come to an end? And maybe the first to feel the impact of a new and more sober climate in banking could be Axel Weber, the UBS chairman, himself. It is difficult to see why the new banking model can support a salary of Sfr 6,000,000 for what is in essence a supervisory role. Banks in the USA get by without a separate Chairman in most cases and the role is much more modestly remunerated in the UK.

11 Apr 2016

Why Europe's Banks don't have enough Capital

Interesting contribution from the Head of Research at BIS. But when the incompetents in Politics and Regulation have the UK banks pay £45 Bio in penalties for (mostly ficticious) 'mis-selling' one can only say it is a miracle that the banks are left standing and the sleepy shareholders (basically the fiduciaries managing the investment management industry) are not up in arms. 
If you want to bleed your banking system dry there is no better way, similar to Fx and Libor Fixing. 
The principles of forensic and detailed proof are brushed aside in order to score political points.