31 Oct 2017

MIFID: Now the Tax Man wants to have his cut

Just when you thought the 1000+ pages MIFID nonsense could not get any worse this news hits the wire. Could it be that it was all along the main purpose of this unnecessary and counterproductive EU edict to create new tax raising opportunities for the voracious appetite that quasi-democratic politicians so desperately are looking for? Just one more reason to make it more attractive for the Financial Service Industry to decamp to friendlier climes, such as New York, Dubai, Singapore. Maybe a successful Brexit will make Britain to abolish this convolut.

13 Oct 2017

Deutsche Bank: Lacks top managers

This article points to a weakness in the bank's staff development program. It should be one of the key - if not the key - responsibilities of Top Management to make sure that enough talented managers are moving through the ranks.
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7 Oct 2017

Zero Fund Management Fees?

Maybe at first sight it appears reasonable to wave any fund management fee if the performance does not match the agreed benchmark. And why not ask the fund manager to make a penalty payment as well? But to be serious, any business that agrees to a zero fee would not be viable in the long run. Better to agree fees to be calculated on a (three year?) rolling basis and set the fee in a narrow zone, for example basic 1% and a band of +/- 0.5% to adjust for over/under performance?

5 Oct 2017

Bitcoin: What is the Value of Hot Air?

Let self-interested promoters and their acolytes in the Media invest their hard-earned savings in a bit of (hot) air, or better: some digits in a far-away computer that nobody controls. Shares (hopefully) pay dividends, bonds pay interest, land can be rented out, but bitcoins and the like? Nothing but the hope of finding a Greater Fool down the road.
And Bitstamp, a 'digital currency exchange', should it not be banned from calling itself as an exchange by the SEC and fellow regulators? No surprise that its chairman sings the praises of 'crypto' 'currencies' (their are neither crypto nor currencies, you might as well start paying your groceries with some rare shells)