4 Dec 2018

Balyasny said to cut 125 People

It is quite amazing that a Hedge Fund - or any Investment Manager - with an AuM just under $12 billion can have a cast of hundreds, more than six hundred staff in Balyasny's case. So it is no wonder that such a large cut in staffing numbers became inevitable.
Hopefully most Firms have a tighter control over their headcount - a strategy of hire and fire is not conducive to a good working environment and investment clients are less than happy if they see frequent staff changes.
Balyasny Cuts 125 People as Hedge Fund Bleeds Assets

1 Mar 2018

RBS/Natwest worried about Irish Border question

One should think that RBS/Natwest has more problems than this one. Not sure why there is such a fuss about the Northern Ireland border. Simple Solution: UK keeps it open, should go for unilateral free trade anyway. Then it is up to Ireland/EU to make their move. If there is hard border it is clear who is to blame
RBS on Irish border questions