27 Jul 2020

Limits of Homeworking

All very well, we all will sit on our sofas and - between walking the dog and helping with the housework - do our work on the pc and telephone. But all this new thinking falls down in one important aspect - how to bring new people, experienced and - more importantly - those starting their career - into the business. You cannot just have a fresh graduate sit at home and being taught all the ins and outs of the job. Sooner or later any organisation will be short of talent and will have to face the fact that office life will have to be resumed. Organisation like large retail banks are more and more similar to a utility and basically just have to make sure that a lot of routine transactions get handled smoothly - but this indicates that they are also very easy to be replaced by upstarts that can perform these functions cheaper and more efficiently.

Wuhan Virus turns City into a Ghost Town

One piece of consolation, the cities that want to steal London's crown will not be in a much different position, what price an office tower in Frankfurt or Paris? Always thought the vast expanses of entrance lobbies in the towers were an absurd waste of money, one or two receptionists and a lonely plant, in addition to the inevitable 'security' personnel....and is there really enough business for the cast of thousands employed by the major banks, brokers, lawyers and accountants?
Virus turns City into a Ghost Town

ESG creates quagmire for Fund Managers

And business in general. The demands from lobbies and interest groups will expand and no action by managers and businesses will be enough to satisfy them. Once pandora's box is opened issues that really should be settled in the realm of politics will lead to never-ending complications for what should really be the priority for business and investment - obtaining profits or a satisfactory performance for savers.
Boohoo supply chain allegations reveal challenges facing ESG investors