30 Jul 2014

7-Yr Bonus Clawback? You must be joking!

That is what a former Wimbledon Champion would probably say to the psychopathic politicians and regulators (including reckless Bank of England officials busy stealing from Savers). How anyone can be expected to work for seven long years and not be sure that the hard-earned money will be his for good is beyond me. Anyone contemplating a career in banking in the UK should have his head examined. Meanwhile our politicians are busy cleaning up the problems they or their predecessors created, safe in the knowledge that however big the waste of money they will NEVER be asked to compensate the taxpayer.

Why UK's new bonus regime could be the world's toughest (CNBC)

Regulatory Nightmare is here and now!

I quite often said that the control freaks in charge of our lives - i.e. psychopathic politicians - will not be satisfied with extending ever-more intrusive regulation into all aspects of society. In the realm of banking and finance that would mean that - in addition of the armies of 'compliance' staff that is an expensive millstone around the necks of savers and investors - there would ultimately have to be one 'Kommissar' next to each productive employee. Ultimately the whole economic system would atrophy under this burden - the direction is clear for anyone who has seen the 'success' of the Cuban economic model.
U.S. Seeks Eyes Inside Banks' Offices (Wall Street Journal)