13 Jan 2022

Working from Home - Misleading Survey

A good example of an opinion survey that may have unintended consequences is provided here: "A survey by the recruiter Morgan McKinley found that 71pc of British white-­collar workers would contemplate quitting their roles if not offered the flexibility they desire, in a sign that remote working is here to stay even when the pandemic subsides." (Daily Telegraph, PayWall)

It is only understandable that if someone is asked: Would you CONSIDER quitting your job that they might well tick the Yes Box. But if you ask: Would you also consider quitting if then you would be unemployed or forced to take a job that pays much less? the reply might not be so positive.

So headlines and surveys that are not more carefully constructed create a false narrative and a bias in favor of home working. While certain jobs may well be suited for WFH the jury is out whether or not that model is applicable for many roles. And the silent majority who cannot work from home - police, hospital staff to name but a few - are not going to be pleased about being forced to work in a much less congenial environment, to put it mildly.