27 Apr 2017

Deutsche Bank: Bye Bye London? but not because of Brexit

The track record of the bank is nothing to write home about. The huge build-up in London, from an insignificant commercial branch in the mid 1980s - has probably cost more than it ever earned the bank. So move back 'home' may be sensible, but not because of Brexit!
DEUTSCHE BANK EXEC: We may need to move 4,000 UK staff to Europe because of Brexit

26 Apr 2017

EU markets rules are the 'worst piece of legislation'

No surprise! Anyone who ever had to read through the garbage produced by the FSA, FCA, Bafin etc would heartily agree. At least Brexit will cut out the ECB and EU scribblers!
The boss of one of the world's biggest exchange groups said EU markets rules are the 'worst piece of legislation' he's ever seen

20 Apr 2017

SURVEY: 82% think more firms will set up in Europe because of Brexit

Nothing to worry about, if anything positive for UK as its firms will have to set their eyes on export markets in a more pro-active manner. Free of the cost of EU membership (mostly socialist redistribution to the unworthy) and regulation Britain should do well. Being ruled by one government rather than a committee of 27 should speed up decision making.
SURVEY: 82% of investors think more firms will set up in Europe because of Brexit

14 Apr 2017

Softbank acquires Fortress - Marriage made in Heaven or Hell?

There could be no greater discrepancy between the business model of these two parties. Apart from the fact that Fortress alone already has its fingers in too many pies, this deal seems to increase the impact of 'diworsification' by the power of two. It will be interesting to see how this pans out over time. In the meantime, hats off to the Fortress Principals, it looks like an excellent deal for them!
The Fall of Fortress

13 Apr 2017

Compensation: Excessive focus on individual performance dangerous

Compensation based on share price development? This is contrary to all sensible pay schemes and one of the main contributing factors to excessive executive pay. Maybe this works in the confines of a small investment boutique but even there it is not clear what the scheme could do to improve the performance produced for investment clients.
Excessive focus on individual performance is inherently dangerous, says Barry Olliff | City A.M.

12 Apr 2017

ABarclays exec breaks silence over LIBOR-rigging

Anyone who has worked in a front-line trading/sales position will know that nothing is more tedious than giving out regular valuations to customers, esp if the relevant security trades infrequently. Apart from the tedium it is not clear why a trader should not give a LIBOR quote that reflects his position. He/She is no god, or impartial regulator, any quote reflects a view. A lot noise about nothing! Just to keep the jobsworth in government, media in clover!
A Barclays exec who went to prison for LIBOR-rigging breaks his silence: 'Traders have been served up as fall guys to protect these more powerful senior bankers'

10 Apr 2017

UBS CEO: Switzerland is more important to America than China

Really? Most Americans would have trouble finding Switzerland on a Map! (maybe China as well)

UBS CEO: Switzerland is more important to America than China

France’s MinFin: London to lose Euro Clearing

Well, would not call this unelected bureaucrat 'prominent'. Arrogant would come to mind instead, but what is new? It is a tight clique that has France in it's grip, and the upcoming election will confirm the status quo. But as the Eurodollar market has demonstrated, the clearing cannot be controlled by administrative Diktat, even it the fawning Scribblerati don't have the guts or brains to point this out!
France’s finance minister Michel Sapin: London to lost euro clearing business - Business Insider

8 Apr 2017

BOE's Carney urges banks to prepare for all potential outcomes

OK, so what about WW3, Meteor impact? All these events COULD happen, more work for the jobsworths in the ever-expanding  regulatory realm.
Brexit: Mark Carney urges banks to prepare for all potential outcomes